6 Activities of Daily Living

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This uncomfortable topic is worth understanding. Of course, we would all rather go about our work, our walks, our fishing and watersports, or whatever floats your boat…but it is so important we become familiar with some of the terminology of age related care, for ourselves and for our families!

Do you have a dress that you need help zipping up, or a button hole that was sewed too tight always giving you trouble? You are not alone. These are common annoyances in daily living. However, there comes a time in each of our lives when these minor inconveniences can grow to become impediments to living a happy and fulfilling life. Not being able to wear your favorite blouse will likely not trigger anyone else’s alarm bells, but what if the situation becomes a little more serious?

There are six activities generally recognized as essential to independent living.

  • Bathing: The ability to clean oneself and perform grooming activities like shaving and brushing teeth.
  • Dressing: The ability to get dressed by oneself without struggling with buttons and zippers.
  • Eating: The ability to feed oneself.
  • Transferring: Being able to either walk or move oneself from a bed to a wheelchair and back again.
  • Toileting: The ability to get on and off the toilet.
  • Continence: The ability to control one's bladder and bowel functions.

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What’s not on the list?

Note that medicine disbursement, tracking, etc. is not on this list, and could have an outsized impact on your standard of living. Driving is also not on this list, nor is…much of anything else but the very core of survival. Not until you can’t eat or dress yourself does this even become an issue. Most of us would probably agree that being unable to do even one of these things would be a dire circumstance indeed!

Are you prepared for an event that may temporarily or permanently inhibit your mental or physical ability to perform one or more of these tasks? Know your rights, your options and your possibilities. If you haven’t had a thorough review of your insurance policies, consider scheduling a consultation today. Scott LaRochelle offers FREE Consultations to help guide you on long term care insurance, life & disability insurance, wealth/asset management, estates, wills, probates, annuities, financial planning and more! To schedule your free in-person or phone consultation, call Scott direct at 804-806-5708 OR schedule a FREE consultation online today!

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